"As a lover of great fajitas and having eaten them for years I have not found anything better than the Texas Fajita Co. experience. The fresh tortillas and the top quality beef are unbeatable at home or any restaurant.  If you are looking for fresh, authentic Texas-style fajitas have your next event catered by Texas Fajita Co.  Although they are located in Pasadena, they cater events throughout the Los Angeles area."
~ Gary M. Anderson
"Great fajitas start with fresh, quality ingredients. At the Texas Fajita Co, the meat is amazingly juicy and full of flavor, and the tortillas so warm and toasty, you might not need to add anything else! Outstanding!" 
~ Jon Weingarten
"Finally- a great Texas-style fajita here in California!  The steak is so much more flavorful and tender than your everyday standard meat fajita found in restaurants. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, I discovered the homemade salsa and guacamole. Our guests instantly wanted to know who our caterer was. I can't wait for our next fajita party. Well done!" 
~ Marsha Hinckley
"It's simple - great tasting food is made with fresh ingredients. The first time I ate the authentic fajitas from Texas Fajita Co., it was obvious they take a lot of pride in what they do, and that's making awesome fajitas!
~ Dennis Handler
"Texas Fajita Co authentic fajitas have great taste…I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Texas Fajita Co. for any festive event!" 
~ Craig T. Carlson
"Definitely try the steak fajitas, my personal favorite.  Let the cheese melt just a little and dig in.  You'll quickly go back for seconds.  Both the food and the staff are top notch.  They run a tight, professional shop and have fun doing it.  It was one thing I didn't have to worry about at my event.  Thanks for all your help guys.  I am already looking forward to my next event and chance to have a few more fajitas." 
~ Brett Abbey
"Texas Fajita Co brings an element of festive outdoor cooking and entertainment that we like to have at our company events. They will be an integral part in catering our new series of car shows that will be introduced later this year." 
~ Mike McCarthy
"I can't believe after all these years of eating fajitas, I didn't know what I was missing.  Texas Fajita Co has hit on the perfect marinade and blend of spices to create authentic Texas-style fajita perfection.  No need to load these down with salsas, hot sauce or guacamole - eat them plain, right off the grill, you'll be amazed at how good simplicity can taste (with a hint of mesquite).  Texas Fajita Co has it going on!" 
~ John Marr
"Michael, Thanks so much for responding quickly and helping us make our company party incredible.  The food was incredible and I will do everything I can to refer you to everyone I know!"
~ Luis Delgado
"I am a lifetime  fajita lover and with the good fortune of being in the entertainment business and traveling frequently, I have had the pleasure of eating great fajitas in Texas and US Southwest.  Finally, I am able to enjoy them here at home in Southern California.  Simply put, Texas Fajita Co's homemade special recipe tie in all those great succulent flavors - starting with the authentically seasoned beef to the mouth watering salsa, guacamole, chips, beans, etc.  Texas Fajita Co will be catering many more parties at the Kenney household.  FANTASTIC STUFF!!! "
~ Dan Kenney
"Texas Fajita Co focuses on fajitas - which are brilliantly prepared. Big portions and relatively low prices will make you remember that Texas Fajita Co. takes pride in making absolutely he best fajitas around!"
~ Phil Kaloustian
"Outstanding fajitas!  Even the most discerning palates will be amazed by the freshness of the ingredients and the passion with which the fajitas are made.  I highly recommend the Texas Fajita Co. for any family or company event."
~ Sam Irvani
"The only thing I can say is I LOVE THESE FAJITAS!  The food is excellent and the quality is far superior to any Tex-Mex restaurant in Los Angeles. If you are looking for great food at a reasonable price you have to try Texas Fajita Co."
~ Janel Schuch
"Being such a picky eater, I was so excited to finally find fajitas I love!  The steak is so tender and cooked to perfection.  The marinade is delicious, the rare fresh homemade fluffy flour tortillas are heavenly, the fresh mesquite-roasted salsa is unbelievable, and the Tex/Mex guacamole can’t be beat!  Your ingredients are so fresh. Finally!  I hope they open a restaurant soon in the La Canada / La Crescenta area soon."
~ Karen Willaman
"The Texas Fajita Co is my new favorite source for great tasting fajitas.  The homemade Tex/Mex guacamole and mesquite-roasted salsa were fresh and full of flavor and more importantly, the marinated steak was super tasty, tender and lean.  When is the TFC coming to Orange County?"
~ Jake Steen
"Minimalistic and delicious -  High-quality marinated steak, sear-grilled on mesquite and sliced to top a fresh flour tortilla.  The perfect accompaniment is the vibrant salsa with mesquite-roasted peppers, tomatoes and onions.  Add a touch of their freshly made guacamole and savor each bite!  Delicious freshness, quality and simplicity.  The best fajitas I have ever had."
~ Omar Facory
"Being born and raised in California, I am accustomed to the typical restaurant style Fajitas that arrive at your table in some sort of sizzling pan with grease still popping from the heat.  I am also accustomed to the way these typical restaurant style Fajitas taste; tough, chewy and generally flavorless meat.  Not so with the Texas Fajita Co Fajitas.  I was amazed at how the meat literally melted in my mouth, and the flavor, indescribable. The flavor was so incredible that the meat needed absolutely nothing on it.  Even my two year old devoured the delectable meat. I experienced Texas Fajita Co. at the Summer Jazz Festival in Mammoth Lakes CA and quickly learned from their friendly and knowledgeable staff that they specialize in catering events throughout California. You can bet that Texas Fajita Co. will be catering my next big event!"
~ Brian Knapp
"Any Vegetarians out there?  Well, chuck the steak and you still have the most amazing meal (or snack).....ever.  Take the fresh sweet mesquite-roasted salsa with a gentle crisp flavor; pile it on the local, fresh, hot, flour tortilla; and then layer on an absurd amount of the scrumptious TexMex guacamole.  Have a bite and you won't even question if you're missing a thing while lowering your cholesterol. Awesome!"
~ Alane March
“We had Texas Fajita Co. cater our daughter’s 4th birthday party at our house, and it was a great success.  Both the adults and the kids thought the fajitas were awesome, and different and much better than any other fajitas they’d had around Los Angeles.  Texas Fajita Co. also took care of everything so that we could actually enjoy the party.  Thanks Michael!”
~ Steve and Sue King
"Texas Fajita Co recently catered my 4th-of-July party in Burbank.  While most of my guests were expecting hot dogs and hamburgers, they were not disappointed by the show TFC put on with the tasty fajitas they served up. The cook and his crew were an entertaining and well-oiled machine that produced some of the best tasting fajitas my guests have ever enjoyed. The homemade guacamole and salsa demonstrate the pride and passion TFC takes in every dish they serve. The scent of the mesquite wood fire even attracted my neighbors who could not resist indulging in the delicious dishes TFC served."
~ John Dourisboure
"Texas Fajita Co - just when you think it can't get any better because you have already sampled the perfectly seasoned steak... wait until you taste the absolutely mouth watering fresh mesquite-roasted salsa!  It will knock your socks off!! The best damn salsa I have ever tasted -- hands down!"
~ Martha Fainberg
"Being proud Texas born and raised; I consider myself an expert on Texas fajitas. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the best fajitas of my life at the Texas Fajita Co. at the Los Angeles Coliseum during the USC football game! You won't find a fresher or more flavorful fajita on the planet! "
~ Cathy Finley
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"In a city where most people think fajitas are “Mexican Food”, Texas Fajita Co. has finally figured out how to bring the Texas border to Los Angeles. The flavors are AMAZING – it’s like a party in your mouth! I’ve never had salsa this fantastic before – I only wish I could bottle it and take it home with me! Ever wonder where skirt steak got its name? TFC’s owner, Michael Christie will tell you all about it – as he grills it to true perfection.
Being a television writer, I attend many “Hollywood” events. The food is always the same – warm sushi, cold crab cakes, dry meat on a stick... Texas Fajita Co. knows a lot about catering, but even more about taste. It is often said that the food sets the mood at any party, and if Texas Fajita Co. is on the menu, it’s sure to be the best party in Los Angeles!"
~ Cindy Bertram
“Quality in great food comes from the raw ingredients and the care and attention given to them.  Michael Christie and his crew from Texas Fajita Co. understand these principles.  The fresh tortillas, the slightly smoky fresh salsa, the creamy fresh Guacamole and the star of the show - the perfectly cooked flavorful steak, chicken and shrimp fajitas. Tender, with just the right amount of marinade and a light char from the mesquite.  The result is mouth watering savory goodness. Just typing this is making me wish I had a big plate of them here now!” 
~ Larry Bressler - Chef Instructor, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Los Angeles
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